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Case Studies

01. "Grill Republic: The Ultimate Dining Experience with Seamless Online Reservations and Ordering"

Grill Republic is a modern restaurant that has implemented a user-friendly app to enhance customers' dining experience by enabling them to reserve their table and order food online, saving time and avoiding long waiting times.

02. "Blooming Solutions: The Flower House's Hassle-Free Flower Delivery Service"

The Flower House is a Mumbai-based flower shop that offers affordable prices and scheduled delivery for busy working people and those living outside the city, providing a hassle-free way to gift quality flowers to loved ones. The shop aims to simplify shopping, scheduling, and gifting with its user-friendly services.

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03. Educare: Free Online Learning for All

Educare is an app that offers free degree programs, online courses, and certifications, aiming to provide education to anyone, regardless of their financial status. The platform enables working professionals to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, making it easier for those looking to switch careers or improve their skills. With Educare, education is accessible to everyone, from anywhere in the world.

04. Improving customer retention using the wishlist feature for Mamaearth mobile app

An opportunity to retain the customers and re-engage the previous one using the wishlist feature.

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